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A Psalm of Longing for God

I am weary and worn
unable to do or be
what you've called me to.
Caught up in self
in my needs and limitations
So very, very tired.
I can't do this, God!
I need you
to fill me, drive me, energise me
to give me rest
and calm my spirit.
I need you
so I can see others, love others,
engage with others
without withdrawing
without judging
without scepticism, despair, contempt.
I want you, Lord!
I want your peace, your joy,
your contentment
with the way things are:
broken, dirty, messy, incomplete--
not because they are good
but because you are good
because you are present
because you make all things good
in your time.
Fill me with you
so I can wait
for all of you
in all of me.

Debbie Haughland Chan